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  2. 15 unreleased songs by The Mars Volta / Omar Rodríguez López. Cover by Sonny Kay.

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  4. New Single. Listen. https://soundcloud.com/evagetsuga/capitalistreptile

    The Capitalist Reptile Is The Real Economic Hitman. 


  6. Omar Rodríguez López talks about his tour rig (guitar & pedals)

    Soooo. The pedal chain goes like this:

    tuner>tape delay>phaser>tremolo>digital delay>reverb>rainbow machine>fuzz>chorus>slicer>looper

    The video is really fun.


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  8. Yeah yeah yeah hey Sandy <3

  9. Josh Homme pedals 2013. Vía Pedal Maniacs http://www.pedalmaniacs.com.br/2013/06/pedais-de-josh-homme-qotsa-2013/

    STONE DEAF PDF-1 Parametric Distortion Filter

    BOSS GE-7 Equalizer

    FULLTONE Ultimate Octave

    DUNLOP Rotovibe

    DIGITECH Whammy 4

    EHX Blade Switch

    DUNLOP Q Zone CryBaby

    DUNLOP VLP1 Volume

    SIB! Echodrive

    MORLEY Power Wah Vintage

    BOSS RE20 SpaceEcho

    FUZZROCIOUS  The Demon

    EHX POG 

    KORG Pithblack tuner


  10. Listen new song.